10 Tips For Healthy Living

There are certain basic tips and suggestions that you can take into consideration in order to lead a healthy life.

For instance, you should take a nutritious yet balanced diet incorporating a variety of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts & seeds.

They are rich in the essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and so on. In addition, unless you are lactose intolerant, milk, yogurt and other dairy products are also highly beneficial for health.

Given Below Are 10 Tips Useful for Leading a Healthy Life

  1. Replace your regular tea and coffee with green tea (preferably decaffeinated) or some other herbal tea like that of rosemary, chamomile, hibiscus, basil, ginger, etc.

    These herbs have various healing properties that help fight diseases and strengthen the immune system. Certain herbs, however, may interfere with your medications. Hence, consult with your doctor about the herbs that you can take.
  2. Do not skip your breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. After all, it is said, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

    Having a proper breakfast keeps you full for a longer time. Thus, it is believed that skipping breakfast is likely to make you eat more throughout the day.
  3. Drink sufficient amount of water throughout the day. Apart from keeping you hydrated and maintaining a glowing skin, it helps flush out toxins from your body.

    Furthermore, it increases your metabolic rate and suppresses appetite, thereby assisting in weight loss. Plus, adequate water intake supports the cognitive and nerve function.

    You need not drink ‘plenty’ of water, though. You can visit this site to calculate your recommended daily water intake.
  4. Maintain a proper sleep pattern in accordance with your bodily needs to get quality sleep. It is good for your memory and mood. Plus, it makes you alert, reduces stress, and promotes cardiovascular health.

    In addition, deep sleep triggers the release of growth hormones. Here, is an article suggesting tips for getting a good night’s sleep.
  5. When dealing with issues like arthritis, joint pain and muscle stiffness, keep a hot compress handy. It helps relieve pain and muscular tightness by increasing blood flow to the area. However, it is suggested not to use hot compresses in case of swelling or inflammation.
  6. Prefer whole fruits over fruit juices (whether natural or packaged), especially when striving to reduce excess weight.

    Fruit pulp has fiber that aids in digestion and also makes you feel fuller. Thus, having whole fruits rather than juices helps suppress your appetite, to some extent.

    Another useful advice for those trying to lose weight is to take a protein-rich diet and reduce their carbohydrate intake.

    Needless to say, stay away from non-nutritious junk food; instead opt for interesting green salads and munch on roasted nuts.
  7. Do not rely on processed and packaged foods as they are unhealthy. For instance, although you can easily get microwavable popcorn, it is suggested to go for air-popped popcorns.

    Processed foods contain a number of artificial ingredients such as artificial colorings, flavorings, sweeteners, and preservatives that contribute in causing high cholesterol, headache, fatigue, asthma, etc.

    Moreover, keep in mind that food processing tends to decrease the nutritive value of the foods. To get detailed information on the problems associated with processed foods, read this.
  8. Give up sedentary lifestyle and remain physically as well as mentally active.

    Thus, engage in regular exercise or take up brisk, walking, jogging, running, cycling, and so on for about 30 minutes, daily to avoid problems like heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, depression, and other diseases. In addition, solve puzzles, crosswords, etc., to boost your brain power.
  9. Cigarette smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol are harmful for health as they increase the chances of developing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, stroke, chronic bronchitis, infertility, cirrhosis of the liver, lung cancer, brain abnormalities, and so on.

    So, avoid or at least restrict these nasty habits. Light to moderate drinking, however, is fine, provided what you are ‘drinking’ has less alcohol.
  10. Your health is also influenced by your thought patterns. Hence, you can use positive visualization to improve concentration and relieve anxiety. It works as a great tool for self-motivation, too.