Soften Your Dry and Rough Hands

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We live in a social world and cannot avoid interaction with people. So, it has become essential to look presentable. Parts of the body like the hands, face and hair are the quintessence of our personality and must be kept tidy. Hands perform all the major work for our body so it must be kept well.

The daily exposure to harmful rays of the sun, chemicals, frequent changes in weather and pollutants from the environment makes your hands dry and rough. Sometimes reaction of medicines and radiation gives a palpable effect on hands.

Now, just be calm and composed to head on any task in any type of weather by taking simple home remedies for dry and rough hands.

Olive Oil
The best way to keep your skin soft and supple is to increase the intake of Olive oil. Its antioxidant properties will keep the hands moist, hence hands will not dry. Olive oil also reduces oxidation in cells of the skin, thereby making it glow forever.

• You should massage hands with olive oil daily.
• Make a paste of olive oil and sugar then apply it on your hands. After an interval of 5 minutes wash it with water for soft hands twice daily.

Aloe Vera
The best way to make your hands baby soft is to try out Aloe Vera. It protects the skin of hands from frostbite, sun burn and sores. You can easily use Aloe for dry hands.

• Scrape aloe vera gel by cutting a leaf of the plant and then rub it on both hands.
• Allow it to dry for a period of 15 minutes then wash it with warm water.
• Repeat this activity frequently twice a day to reap maximum benefits from dry hands.

Restore glow and moisturize your hands with an egg. It will also relief from stinging.

• Open an egg and separate its yolk.
• Then take 1 tsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of rosewater, blend all the constituents.
• Make a paste of the ingredients and apply it on the hands.
• Keep the mask on the hands for a period of 30 minutes then wash it with plain water.

Coconut Oil
Using Coconut oil is one of the simplest remedies to get rid of from dry hands. Unique property of fatty acids and antioxidants make it perfect for giving a soothing touch to the skin and safeguarding it from harmful UV rays of the sun.

• Take 2 tsp of coconut and 2 tsp of olive oil, then mix and keep them in a glass bottle.
• Shake the mixture in the glass bottle and take out one drop from the bottle to apply on your hands.
• Rub the mixture on hands which will gradually soften the hands and evade from drying it.

Honey makes your hand look soft and silky. It moisturizes the skin, and the antioxidants properties act as anti-ageing.

• Take drops of honey and apply on your hands.
• Wash it with lukewarm water after an interval of 15 minutes.
• Another option can be to take 1 tsp of honey and add the same quantity of coconut and olive oil to it.
• Pour this mixture in a container and form a paste.
• Apply this paste on your hands and leave it for few minutes to dry then rinse with water.
• You can also make a similar paste with lemon juice and apply on hands.

Avocado is a storehouse of vitamins B, C, K. It also contains potassium in large amount which helps to hydrate the skin.

• Take an avocado pulp, 1 tsp of almond oil and 1 tsp of honey.
• Make a paste of the ingredients and apply on your hands.
• Leave it for a span of 15 minutes then wash it with cold water.
• Repeat this twice in a day for maximum benefits.

Lemon juice
Lemons are very rich in vitamin C. They detoxify your body and fight with skin cancer. Lemon is very beneficial for reducing dark spots and pimples on skin.

Make Lemon Scrub
1. Take 1/3 cup of olive oil, 1.5 tsp of lemon juice, 2/3 cup of sugar, and 2 peels of lemon. Mix all in a container.
2. Store the mixture in the fridge.
3. After a day take out the container and use the scrub on hands and any part of the skin to get a smooth and shiny skin.

You can also use lemon juice in the following manner:

• Take equal quantity of olive, honey and lemon juice.
• Mix all the constituents, and then apply on your hands. Rinse it with warm water after 10 minutes.
• Repeat this twice in a day and get rid of from dryness.

Curd helps to improve the complexion of the skin as it is a source of alphahydroxy acid. It also contains lactic acid. The presence of calcium and vitamin D provides a resistance to skin from external agents.

• Take 1 tsp of lemon juice and add ½ cup of curd in it. Make a mixture and keep it inside the fridge.
• Take the mixture out after a period of 2 hours and apply on your hands.
• You can also make similar mixtures of curd with honey, cucumber, carrot and turmeric.
• Witness drastic changes within a week of applying the mixtures of curd on your hands.

Almonds are rich source of vitamin E; it also has anti-oxidant property which aids in removing the toxins from the mucous membrane of the skin.

• Take a container add milk and 4-5 pieces of almonds.
• Keep it inside fridge for an overnight, next day take the almonds out and peel them.
• Take some flour of gram in a bowl and add the almonds by crushing.
• Make a tight paste and apply on your hands. Keep it dry for 20 minutes then wash it with cold water.
• You can also make a similar mixture with banana, rosewater and papaya.

Papayas contain large amount of vitamin C and is also a source of folic acid. The presence of Papain helps to remove the dead skin. It keeps the skin hydrated because of its quality of carrying low sodium.

• Cut a slice of papaya, take 1 tsp of milk and blend them.
• Make a mixture and apply it on your hands.
• Wash with water after 20 minutes.
• You can also try the same with honey, olive oil and flour of the rice to get a smooth and hydrated skin.

• Apply glycerin on your hands to keep them moist and hydrated.
• Abstain from using chemicals and harsh soaps on your hands.
• You should always wear gloves before working in the garden or touching chemicals. It will not allow the skin of hands to get damaged.
• Drink ample amount of water.
• Bath with warm water which will help to clean the skin and not let it get dry.
• Intake milk and diets rich in nutrients and proteins.